Westwood House Enter & View

Healthwatch Lewisham staff and Enter & View Authorised Representatives carried out an in-person visit on March 2022 which followed accordingly to government guidance in February 2022 to return to face-to-face engagements. During our visit, we spoke with staff, family, and service users about their experiences and response to living conditions as well as COVID-19 precautions.

A few family members were present at the time to share their thoughts and experience in-person. However, the manager collated a list of contact details for people that were happy to speak to us about their experience with the care home over the telephone.

Some Interview Responses:

Staff (6 members were interviewed)

  • Some felt supportive and approachable opposed to some others who felt undervalued and not appreciated for their work including their feedback and suggestions.
  • Extensive training and felt more aware such as the safeguarding process.

Family/Friends (6 members were interviewed)

  • Acknowledges the long working hours. Staff are polite, welcoming and accommodating.
  • Updates are not always received following doctor's appointments.
  • Well informed of the overall state of the care home and residents wellbeing. Believed the care home handled the pandemic well. 

Residents (1 was interviewed)

  • Freedom given to follow individuals interest.

  • Well informed of the protocols during the pandemic.

  • No suggestions to potential improvements.

Some Findings:

  • Staff and management have the best interests of the residents and families at heart.
  • Care home was well supported to help maintain the spread of the pandemic by a wider organisation and local public health department. 
  • Well-managed, staffed and operated.

Some Suggested Recommendations:

  • We have saw some things that look to be made for aesthetic reasons which can lead to confusion or access such as the placement of a fire extinguisher or signs.
  • Increase brightness in some areas as some had poor lighting. 
  • Improvement on encouraging residents to socialise and engage in activities more. 
  • Attend staff members and to have appropriate meetings if necessary. 
  • Provide regular updates to relatives.

For a full detailed report please download this document below for your convenience.

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Westwood House Care Home Enter & View - Full Report

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