Penerley Lodge Enter & View

Healthwatch Lewisham staff and Enter & View Authorised Representatives carried out an in-person visit on October 2021 after lockdown restrictions have been lifted on 19 July. During our visit, we spoke with staff, family, and service users about their experiences and response to living conditions as well as COVID-19 precautions.

Family members were not present at the time. However, the manager collated a list of contact details for people that were happy to speak to us about their experience with the care home. Phone interviews were carried out one week after the in-person visit.

Some Interview Responses:

Staff (4 members were interviewed)

  • Feels well supported by colleagues and senior management.
  • Felt safe during the pandemic and believed the care home took effective infection control measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 
  • Activities were a gateway to create a positive atmosphere and to improve mental health. Unfortunately these activities had to stop when covid started to peak.

Family Members (7 members were interviewed over the phone)

  • Staff reassured their concerns and believed that the care home had successfully kept staff and residents safe throughout the outbreak of the pandemic. 
  • The assistant manager provided exceptional professionalism by setting up weekly WhatsApp calls to get in touch with their loved ones.  
  • A minor issue in relation to signage as there are several doors at the entrance. A visitors sign would have been more clearer to know which door to enter.    

Residents (8 were interviewed)

  • Some would like more television options available such as a Sky TV account for sports programmes.

  • Mixed reviews on menu options as some wanted a wider variety of options.

  • Majority are in regular contact with family members via telephone and video calls. 

Some Findings:

  • Staff took immediate action after the last CQC inspection identified that food was not properly stored. The kitchen was also refurbished. 
  • 12 staff members carried out in-person First Aid training.
  • The care home has plans to refurbish and had installed new bathroom cladding.

Some Suggested Recommendations:

  • Weekly activities could be outlined better for all parties.
  • Could potentially have a wider-range of refreshed resources available for residents. 
  • Review risk assessments and procedures: bedroom doors were kept opened to focus on the privacy and safety of residents, fire procedure information, and hazard related.  

For a full detailed report please download this document below for your convenience.

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Penerley Lodge Care Home Enter & View - Full Report

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