Jennifer's Lodge Enter & View

Healthwatch Lewisham staff and Enter & View Authorised Representatives carried out an in-person visit on March 2022 which followed accordingly to government guidance in February 2022 to return to face-to-face engagements. During our visit, we spoke with staff and service users about their experiences and response to living conditions as well as COVID-19 precautions.

Family and friends were not present at the time. However, the manager collated a list of contact details for people that were happy to speak to us about their experience with the care home over the telephone. 

Some Interview Responses:


  • Cleanliness, of both the home and residents is a top priority for management.
  • Trainings needs and attendance are recorded. Safeguarding training are conducted annually. 
  • Staff interacts with residents and genuinely care for their well-being. 

  • Residents are able to receive quick assessments and treatments from district nurse and by a GP appointment. 


  • Good rapport between staff, management, and the residents.
  • Speak with residents regarding their concern(s) and potentially resolve any issue(s).
  • Feel residents are comfortable with them and for them to able to share their concerns and feedback. 
  • Daily covid testing to protect staff and residents.


  • Care home has taken great care to learn about the likes and dislikes of residents.
  • Visits to churches have not yet been reinstated at the time.
  • Feels reassured by staff from communication to medical needs.  
  • Well accommodated when visiting regularly. 


  • Television brings residents together throughout the day. 

  • Homely setting making it a family feel. 

  • Watched by owner like a hawk to learn about their personalities and preferences.

Some Findings:

  • Security measures were well implemented.
  • Kitchen is small, although functional and appeared to be well-equipped and clean.
  • Cosy feel indoors and outdoors with plants and natural lighting. 
  • Several potential hazards. 

Some Suggested Recommendations:

  • To add a moderate visible sign outside to distinguish the care home apart from residential homes because of the similar appearance. There is no way the general public could tell that this is a care home.
  • There are two specific sanitation stations that are difficult to access. 
  • Kitchen and dinning room is directly opposite to each other by a second hallway. Foot traffic needs to be cautioned.
  • Many of the ground floors present a trip hazard. Other hazards noticed were in the garden.
  • Open-toed shoes are not recommended as it could be a potential trip and slip hazard.

For a full detailed report please download this document below for your convenience.

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Jennifer's Lodge Care Home Enter & View - Full Report

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