Enter and view at residential homes for people with learning disabilities

Healthwatch Lewisham visited residential homes with supported care and day centres for people with learning disabilities to assess if service users were being treated with dignity and respect, if they felt listened to and understood by their service providers and to see if services were person centred.


Healthwatch were very impressed with all of the day centres and each one had its own qualities and quirks. Service users were clearly upset by the thought of the day centres being changed or closed, and a number of service users told ARs that they felt it would be detrimental to their health.

Healthwatch felt that there were lots of areas of best practice including:

  • The Greenhouse Project at Mulberry; service users were in the process of making a green-house out of plastic bottles which ARs found very impressive.
  • Life skills; a selection of life skills were taught and encouraged across the day centres including washing clothes and ironing, preparing meals, reading 20 and writing clubs, current affairs clubs and activities around what you can buy from the local supermarket for an amount of money.
  • Art and crafts; some service users are clearly very talented at carpentry, arts and crafts. Examples were given of service users’ work being sold. Healthwatch feel that this could be utilised even more by hosting stalls at events and in shops or even online to sell their work
  • Tuck shop at Mulberry; service users gained a lot of experience in preparing sandwiches, serving to the public and managing the till and money.


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