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Healthwatch Lewisham staff and Enter & View Authorised Representatives carried out a virtual visit on January 2022 over Zoom due to COVID-19 restrictions. During our videocall, we spoke with staff and service users about their experiences and response to living conditions as well as COVID-19 precautions.

Family members were not present at the time during our video call. However, the manager collated a list of contact details for people that were happy to speak to us about their experience with the care home. Phone interviews were carried out in the two weeks following the virtual visit.

Some Interview Responses:


  • A key focus was to develop a robust training programme covering dementia support and individual opportunities.
  • Newsletters regularly detailed any developments about the care home and  are shared with family members.
  • Their philosophy is to "not recognise them as just complaints but as an opportunity to improve."
  • Encouraged staff to discuss and how they would cope with COVID-19.

Staff (5 members were present)

  • Feels supported within the care home.
  • Care home effectively implemented infection control measures. 
  • Conduct meetings to ensure they are up to date with care plans for residents. This is to keep up to date with specific dietary restrictions for each resident if any may encounter. 

Family Members

  • Felt reassured with the safety and care provided by the care home.
  • Able to express their wishes and concerns if the care home had any issues. 
  • Staff interacts with those who have impairments. They also encourage other residents to join in activities.  


  • Appreciate personalised food menus with rotation.

  • Able to bring furniture into their bedrooms to improve comfort.

  • Felt safe throughout their time at the care home. 

Some Findings:

  • Access to a private garden by a side entrance.
  • Installed a new fire alarm system.
  • Residents were offered a booster or flu vaccination.

Some Suggested Recommendations:

  • Signs can be misleading
  • Dining room seems less welcoming for residents opposed to the sitting room. 



For a full detailed report please download this document below for your convenience.

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Welcome Care Home Enter & View - Full Report

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