Lewisham NHS long term plan

The aim of the research was to obtain the views and (LTP) experiences of Lewisham residents to support the local implementation of the NHS Long Term Plan. We carried out local engagement and enabled people including seldom heard communities to have their say in how the NHS can better take care of them and how the care they received can be improved.

Over 250 residents, patients, carers and their families shared their views as part of the “What Would You Do?” surveys that ran from March to June to encourage people in Lewisham to explain what matters most to them.


Access to help and treatment was also selected by the respondents when they were asked to prioritise what aspect was most important to them. The survey allowed the residents to provide free text comments which support the their statements.

The top themes people raised were:

  • Easier and quicker access to GP appointments was of great importance for people in helping them live a healthy life. 
  • Access to sport and exercise facilities was considered vital in helping people stay well. Free access and or ‘affordable’ sport activities were highlighted as important. People also felt it was essential to provide ‘gentle’ exercises to suit those with reduced mobility. Respondents expressed their desire for women only and disability friendly sessions.
  • People recognised and emphasised the importance of eating healthily. They would value having better access to affordable healthy food options and clear information on how to maintain a healthy balanced diet. 
  • Limited mental health awareness was highlighted by respondents. They felt that there needs to be more understanding about mental health issues by professionals and a need for education on mental health from an early age. Prompt access to mental health services was also stressed as vital.
  • Reduction of air pollution was also important for people who felt the pollution was having a negative impact on their health. People felt smoking in public spaces (including at bus stops) remains an issue and affects those with respiratory problems such as COPD. It was felt that smokers would benefit from greater support to help them quit.


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