Intelligence report Oct 2018 to Jan 2019

Our report breaks down Lewisham residents' experiences of health and social care services. Find out what the key issues are by reading our report.


  • The Healthwatch Lewisham Signposting Service continues to predominantly support Lewisham residents to access a variety of different health services, as well as offer relevant information around making complaints.
  • Feedback about local cancer services highlights the need for all patients to receive detailed information about their care pathway.
  • Further awareness of community services would allow residents to have more information and support available to them.
  • Seldom heard communities are not necessarily familiar with key self-care messages including the “Use the Right Service” campaign.
  • Members of a COPD support group stressed the need to be able to access GP appointments immediately when they become unwell. Being able to see the same doctor is incredibly important because their familiarity and knowledge regarding the patient’s medical history can prevent medication being incorrectly prescribed. Regular reviews can also help avoid emergency admissions.
  • All referrals to the Lung, Exercise and Education programme were praised by COPD patients. Compass and Kooth both received high satisfaction scores by young people who had accessed the health and wellbeing services.
  • The waiting time to access the Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service remains excessive.
  • Young people feel that their only option if they needed immediate mental health support would be to attend University Hospital Lewisham.


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