Food for thought report

During the last year, we carried out Food for Thought - a project wanting to find out how much young people in Lewisham understood about healthy eating. Residents had told us that they felt this was a major issue for us to look into. The borough has a high proportion of children identified at risk of obesity.

We developed and delivered healthy eating workshops at nine primary schools and attended local summer festivals speaking to over 1,000 children, parents and carers.


Children were told how to measure portion sizes, then asked how many portions of fruit and vegetables they believe they eat in one day. 45% of those surveyed said that they eat 5 or more a day. 8% said they have one portion and 5% of children said they didn’t eat any fruit or vegetables.

On the subject of water, 51% of those surveyed said they drink the daily recommended allowance or more. 2% of children said they didn’t drink any water, 4% said they drink one cup a day and 7% said they had two.

When surveyed about how often the participants eat take-away and fast food; the results were as follows: Rarely 27%, Monthly 11%, Fortnightly 10%, Weekly 30%, More Often 22%. Additionally 53 children out of the 754 children claimed that they do not have regular visits to the dentist.


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Food for Thought report

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