Social care in Lewisham

Across Lewisham, there is a growing demand for residential and nursing provision for older people, as well as ‘considerate unmet need’ around carers’ provision in the borough. In light of this we embarked on a project across the London Borough of Lewisham looking into the social care needs and experiences of the population.


  • Analysis tells us 66% of respondents received reassessments in the last eighteen months, however 43% were unhappy with the outcome and a quarter of the respondents felt they weren’t adequately involved in the assessment process.
  • Almost 43% of respondents found arranging reassessments “very difficult” or “difficult” with only 14% stating it was easy.
  • Over 55% of respondents felt they didn’t receive sufficient information and explanation around their care and support options.
  • In addition over 77% did not know or were unsure of the contact details if things didn’t go well.
  • Reassuringly, 66% of people surveyed were happy with the quality of the service received.
  • Over 50% of the respondents felt they were treated with dignity and respect, however over 20% provided a negative answer and a further 20% were not sure.


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