Intelligence report October to December 2016

Find out what patients told us about their experiences of health and social care services in Lewisham during October and December. Our report focuses on people's frustration with booking appointments at GP practices and waiting times at University Hospital Lewisham.


  • The majority of comments received by Healthwatch Lewisham during the last three months concerned people’s views of GP surgeries and Hospital services.
  • For a combined 66% of all patient stories related to these two service types.
  • 14% of all comments were about social care and 10% covered Children and Young People services.
  • A significant factor for the high proportion of GP comments (35%) would be our continued extensive hub engagement.
  • Healthwatch carried out hubs at four GP practices during the quarter. The data collated in Q3 has seen a reduction in the number of stories received focusing specifically on the overall NHS service.
  • This is a result of the organisation adjusting our engagement strategy to encourage residents to share their experiences of specific local services rather than the overarching health service


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Intelligence report

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