Making sense of mental health

This report presents the findings that emerged through our engagement. The recommendations that are provided, were led by the young people themselves and are included to support decision making and commissioning of services for them.


70 responses were gathered during the course of the workshops and outreach work.

  • The data collected suggests mixed feelings regarding if the young people surveyed believe they have suffered with poor mental health.
  • A high volume stated that they have suffered with stress at some point in their lives. It was also very evident that prior to the workshop taking place that many of the young people who took part were unaware of what mental health means, with over half stating they would not associate with someone who suffers with poor mental health and that such people were “crazy” or “nutters”.
  • According to feedback given, 95% of the children that took part in the workshops were also unaware that they could help keep their mental health well and none of them had heard of the Five Ways to Wellbeing.
  • Although only a small number of the young people involved in the workshops have used counselling services, either formal or informal, the data collected also suggests that the young service user’s views of counselling services within the London Borough of Lewisham’s are mixed.
  • Talking to charity organisations is particularly well received.


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Making sense of mental health report

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