Ladywell Unit (Powell Ward), Enter and View Report

Healthwatch Lewisham staff and Enter & View Authorised Representatives carried out a visit in February 2023, to the Powell Ward of the Ladywell Unit, based at University Hospital Lewisham. It provides services to men aged 18-65 with acute mental health problems. During the visit we talked to service users, staff, and management.

Some Interview Responses:


  • Manager believes in respecting a patient’s needs and allowing space to release their frustrations and that this has contributed to not having incidents of ‘prone restraint’ in the past year.
  • Implemented a ‘calm down’ box for patients who are distressed.
  • Hopes to create more garden and activity spaces, as well as more space on the ward, including wider corridors.


  • Feel supported by management and general environment is good, thanks to recent improvements.
  • New shift patterns allow for a mix of long and short days, which has reduced sick leave and use of agency nurses.
  • Frustrating when lack of accommodation is available for discharged patients, as they must stay in the ward.


  • Family/friends are treated with dignity and respect by staff and invited to attend meetings and ward rounds.


  • Unclear allocation of staff, some patients are unsure as to who to approach when needing assistance.
  • Activities are appreciated; however, reported to be irregular and patients have lack of access to certain rooms such as the garden or other outside areas.
  • Lack of variety of food available; the fridge only has ‘bread and butter’ at night.
  • Patients worry about ‘next step’ guidelines, specifically finding accommodation when discharged.

Some Findings:

  • While there are limited parking spaces available, public transport nearby include a variety of bus stops/routes, Ladywell train station is a five-minute walk, and bicycle racks are available at the hospital.
  • Relaxed approach regarding behaviour, being that patients are allowed ‘as much freedom as possible’ and staff won’t intervene if no one is in danger.
  • General décor and ambience are calming allowing a good atmosphere for residents to interact with each other and/or staff.

Some Suggested Recommendations:

  • Ensure advocacy materials and information is clear and readily available to patients.
  • Develop a review of activities available for patients and utilise the activity room more fully.
  • Staff should introduce themselves to the patients while also making it clear what their role in the patient’s care is.

Although a response to the recommendations was requested and followed-up, there was no response from the ward. For a full detailed report, please use the download links below.

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Ladywell Unit (Powell Ward) Enter and View Report

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