Bowel Cancer UK launches Colonoscopy Confidence campaign

Bowel Cancer UK has launched the Colonoscopy Confidence campaign to help you understand the importance of getting your bowel checked.
Bridget's colonoscopy experience

Some people may feel anxious or worried when they’re told they need a colonoscopy, but it’s important to have this test if they’re referred. If you've been asked by your doctor to have a colonoscopy, it's because they suspect something isn't quite right about your bowel or colon, and they'd like a specialist to take a closer look.

Colonoscopy appointments are very common, but there are misunderstandings and fear surrounding the procedure which may make people avoid showing up.

Bowel Cancer UK has set out to understand patient barriers to attending a colonoscopy and aims to tackle them by helping people understand what they can expect from an appointment and why it's so important to their health.

Check out the Colonoscopy Confidence campaign leaflet for an introductory guide to your common sense bowel check.