Current volunteering opportunities

At Healthwatch Lewisham, we understand that every volunteer is different. So, we have a variety of roles to fit everyone's needs:

Administrative Assistant

Healthwatch Lewisham carries out its role by completing a number of projects every year. That includes patient experience, multiple research projects, community engagement and more. We are looking for individuals with great communication and organisational skills to help keep things organised and running smoothly in our busy offices.

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Administrative Assistant role description

Healthwatch Lewisham Advisory Committee Member

We are looking for people to join our committee with local knowledge, experience and passion for promoting better health and social care for local people. You will be responsible for shaping the future of the organisation and establishing the basis for building a large local membership from all communities in the borough.

Find out more about the advisory committee here.

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Healthwatch Lewisham Advisory Committee Member role description

Data Volunteer

We are looking for individuals who have strong data manipulation and analysis skills, data visualisation skills and report writing skills, with the ability to translate data and charts into clear reports and help us make sure that our work is having the most impact it possibly can. 

If you are currently studying or working with data analysis or visualisation or if you have experience in another analytical field and think your experience would translate well, then please get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you.

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Data Volunteer role description

Emerging Communities Outreach Volunteer

Our team benefits from the participation of volunteers from diverse cultural backgrounds, influencing the provision of health and social care services across the borough. We are now working to create new roles and opportunities for members of emerging communities across the borough.

This would be a great opportunity for willing volunteers from emerging communities to become more actively and directly involved in health and social care projects through Healthwatch Lewisham. In addition, this role would avenue opportunities for shadowing at senior committee and board level meetings, working together with Healthwatch liaison representatives and the project team at a strategic level.

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Emerging Communities Outreach Volunteer role description

Enter & View Authorised Representatives

The Health and Social Care Act allows local Healthwatch Authorised Representatives to observe service delivery and talk to service users, their families and carers on premises such as hospitals, residential homes, GP practices, dental surgeries, optometrists and pharmacies.

We are looking for individuals who are passionate about health and social care, enjoy working on a team, are observant, and are willing to learn new skills. All Enter & View recruits undergo free training in the process of visits, confidentiality, dignity, equality and diversity, and safeguarding.

Find out more about Enter & View visits here.

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Enter & View Authorised Representatives role description

Marketing and Communications Volunteer

We are looking for a volunteer to support us in communicating important messages to the community through creative design of marketing materials and actively promoting the services and achievements of Healthwatch Lewisham via our social media platforms.

If you have experience with basic graphic design and professional social media writing, we would love to hear from you.

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Marketing and Communications Volunteer role description

Patient Experience Volunteer

Healthwatch Lewisham collects feedback regarding service users' experiences of the health and social care system within the borough of Lewisham. We listen to people from every part of our community and from this feedback we compile a report highlighting the key trends. This report is then submitted to the NHS & LAS providers who are obligated to respond, stating how they will address the issues raised.

Because our patient experience work puts us in direct contact with service users, we are looking for a friendly individual with good verbal communication skills as well as an understanding of professional boundaries.

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Patient Experience Volunteer role description

Research Project Volunteer

Healthwatch Lewisham is committed to trying to make changes to health and social care services that reflect the needs of the people in the local community. To do that, we establish projects looking into the key concerns and issues that have been reported to us by the general public.

We need the assistance of volunteers in these project groups to help us to look thoroughly at these issues. The project groups are practically focused and made up of people who have an interest in a particular area of health and social care.

Each project group undertakes specific pieces of work as per the work programme which is set by the Healthwatch Lewisham committee. Our project groups continue beyond the completion of the work to ensure that actions are taken to make services better and address the points that Healthwatch has raised. The project groups are led by a member of the Healthwatch Lewisham staff team, and regularly report back to the Healthwatch Lewisham Advisory Committee.

As a research project volunteer, you can get involved in several different activities to assist in the development of a project.

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Research Project Volunteer role description

Student Ambassador

Healthwatch Lewisham requires student ambassadors to engage with students, promoting our role in the community and encouraging all local people to become involved and have their voices heard.

We are seeking driven individuals, with a passion for improving health and social care. We are particularly interested in those individuals who have an interest in engaging with members of the community and students to gather information about people experiences of health and social care services.

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Student Ambassador role description

Youth Volunteer

Healthwatch Lewisham has supported young volunteers working to influence the provision of health and social care services across the borough. This has included the commissioning of a video production on sexual health and sponsorship of the youth parliament process.

Healthwatch Lewisham now envisages the creation of new roles and opportunities for young volunteers across Lewisham as representatives of their peers in the health and social care sector. There will be shadowing opportunities at senior committee and board level meetings, accompanying Healthwatch Lewisham liaison representatives at a strategic level.

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Youth Volunteer role description

Help us to make a difference

Much of our strength is rooted in the passion of the people who choose to become involved with us. Volunteers bring valuable skills and knowledge to Healthwatch Lewisham that we draw upon to make a real difference.

Anyone can volunteer with our team. Some people have experience with services as a patient or a service user, others have useful knowledge from previous professional roles in and outside of health and social care services, but you do not need any qualifications to volunteer with us. 

All we ask for is a willingness to listen and a desire to improve local health and care services for local people.

Get in touch

For more information please visit our Better Impact website and complete the registration form. If you need further clarity, please email (Volunteer Hub) or call 07944 391223 (Volunteer Hub) for a chat.  

Your application will be processed by our central team however please note that all volunteering roles for Healthwatch Lewisham take place within our borough.

Our local offices are located at Waldram Place, Forest Hill, London, SE23 2LB