1. Report - 23 February 2022

    Through our Patient Experience Programme, Healthwatch Lewisham was able to capture 1,177 patient reviews about local health and social care services between July – September 2021. Find out about what local residents told us about the health and care they receive by reading our report.
  2. News - 18 March 2022

    Research published in March 2022 by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) found that two thirds of unpaid carers view a lower standard of care during the COVID-19 crisis as unacceptable, even with the massive pressures that care services and carers are under.
  3. Page - 25 March 2022

    Volunteers play a vital role in helping people have their say on health and social care. Volunteering with Healthwatch Lewisham can help you develop skills, gain experience and make a difference in your community.
  4. Advice and Information - 25 March 2022

    With all the changes to health and care services, it's not always clear where you should go to report an urgent issue, to make a complaint or for further information.
  5. Page - 1 April 2022

  6. Page - 4 April 2022

  7. News - 6 April 2022

    Frailty has been identified by Lewisham’s Health and Care Partners as an area for specific focus for integrated delivery.
  8. Advice and Information - 6 April 2022

    Find out what you should do if you have symptoms of COVID-19, what local and national support is available to you and how you can help keep yourself and your loved ones safe.
  9. Advice and Information - 8 April 2022

    Find out how health services are changing in response to coronavirus (COVID-19) and what that means for your care.
  10. News - 11 April 2022

    The UK Government has agreed to introduce legislation for advance statements. Because Black people experience more forced care, it is important to work with Black people to introduce advance statements in a way that works for them.
  11. Advice and Information - 11 April 2022

    Find out why vaccinating yourself against COVID-19 is important, how you can get vaccinated in Lewisham, and more.
  12. Advice and Information - 11 April 2022

    The Care Act 2014 is a law that came into action in April 2015 that sets out how people’s care and support is approached by councils.
  13. Advice and Information - 12 April 2022

    The NHS in England has published a ten-year plan setting its priorities for the future.
  14. Advice and Information - 12 April 2022

    All London residents can now create a personalised care plan that works for them.
  15. Advice and Information - 12 April 2022

    The AskFirst app supports patients to get the right healthcare they need at the right time. The app is available to all patients in Lewisham.
  16. Advice and Information - 13 April 2022

    The Lewisham Wellbeing Map is an interactive, community-led tool to help people find local locations and activities where they can connect, socialise, be active or learn in the London Borough of Lewisham.
  17. Advice and Information - 14 April 2022

    Safeguarding means protecting people’s health, wellbeing, and human rights, and enabling them to live away from harm, abuse, and neglect. It’s fundamental to high-quality health and social care.
  18. News - 19 April 2022

    Let’s Talk Health and Care, a new online engagement platform, has been launched by South East London CCG alongside the South East London Integrated Care System.
  19. Event - 25 April 2022

  20. News - 25 April 2022

    Consider taking part in a research study to help identify gambling harms for individuals and others affected by gambling for the King’s College London, Bet Know More, GamCare and National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).
  21. Report - 10 June 2022

    Healthwatch Lewisham is proud to be presenting the Quarter 4 Report. The report details the work we have done for the patient experience programme. This report is informative and gives great insight into the health and social care needs of the people within our community.
  22. Report - 14 June 2022

    HWL Patient Experience Report Q3 summarising patient experience gathered that quarter.
  23. News - 23 June 2022

    Have Your Say on the Community Health Services in Lewisham!