Making sense of mental health

Exam stress is the biggest concern for young people in Lewisham. Children and Young People’s (CYP) mental health and wellbeing is a national and local priority. Find out what people told us in our latest report.


  • Overall, Children and Young People (CYP) were confident on how to look after their physical health, but much less assured on how to look after their mental health.
  • Two of the top five mental health concerns amongst CYP were school related (exam stress and school pressure). The others were stress, not being listened to, and trouble sleeping.
  • Female CYP experienced much higher levels of anxiety than males, at 42% and 22% respectively.
  • Overall, females were more likely to experience an indicator of poor mental health than males.
  • Female CYPs were twice more likely to have experienced self-harm than males.
  • Stress was a top concern amongst all age groups and genders.
  • One in four CYP believed they had experienced depression, and 31% with anxiety.
  • The highest rates of depression were felt by 12 year olds, at just over one third.
  • The highest rates of anxiety were felt by 15 year olds, at two in five.
  • When experiencing an indicator of poor mental health, CYP were most likely to speak to a family member or a friend.
  • Of those who stated they had experienced poor mental health, one in five CYP would do nothing, or block it out.


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