Accessible information standard enter and view at GP surgeries

As part of our AIS project, we engaged with 12 GP surgeries in the borough, to understand how they have complied with AIS. We chose to focus on these selected GPs as they had a high number of patients with sensory and learning disabilities.


Of the twelve surgeries only eight (66.6%) were aware of the AIS Standard, three were unaware and one was unsure.

Communication support

  • 2 surgeries have a hearing loop which is a system that supports people who use hearing aids.
  • 3 have documentation available in large print.
  • 4 said they have access to a translation service.
  • 3 are producing leaflets using symbols, images and plain English text.

Recording communication needs

  • 7 receptionists said they asked patients about their additional communication needs.
  • 1 said that this is up to the GP to ask patients about their additional communication needs.
  • 4 mentioned that they did not ask patients.

Disability awareness training

  • 3 receptionists said that they had received training. This was provided at team meetings.
  • 5 said that they had been given information to read which was produced by NHS England.
  • 4 said that they had received no training


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GP surgeries enter and view report on accessible information

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