The Vietnamese community and access to health services

Through this report, Healthwatch Bromley and Lewisham draw attention to experiences of access to health and social care services faced by members of the Vietnamese community living in Lewisham.


  • Participants of the focus groups were generally happy with the NHS and keen to engage with services.
  • We found out that this community shared common experiences both good and bad. However we also identified that this community faces health inequalities in the form of barriers when accessing services and information.
  • By far the most comments received were about access to GP services.
  • The service provided by GP surgeries varies and while many patients are happy with care received and being able to access to face to face interpreters, others encounter difficulties when accessing their GP’s.
  • Communication and translation services was a significant issue with the quality of interpreters, eligibility criteria and availability of the service reported as an issue. Staff attitudes was also an issue to many members of the community.


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The Vietnamese community and access to health services report

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