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Healthwatch Lewisham gives you the chance to say what you think about how local health and social care services are run. Your experiences are important and can help to inform commissioners and service providers. Please take five minutes to share your story with us. 

The next section will focus on experiences of using Dental services in Lewisham. If you want to share a review about a GP, hospital or other service please click on the appropriate link. 

To understand how we will use your information please read the 'How we use this information' at the end of the page.

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Have you used a NHS Dental service within the last 12 months?

Please share with us your experience.
1. How did you find it registering with an NHS dentist? (if you have registered within the last 12 months)
2. How do you find getting NHS dental appointments?
3. If you have been asked to pay for NHS dental treatment, how clearly do you feel the bands/costs were explained to you?
4. How helpful are staff in explaining your dental treatment?
5. How do you find the attitudes of staff at the service?
Please tell us more about your experience
Tell us about any positive parts of your dental experience
Tell us about any parts of your dental experience which could be improved
8. How do you rate your overall experience of the dental service?

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It would really help to know a little more about you so that we can better understand how people's experiences may differ. These questions are completely voluntary.

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How we use this information

The information you share with us helps us spot trends to identify areas for improvement. We may use quotes in our reports, but we will not use any information that will identify you.

As well as your feedback, we also ask you to volunteer some personal information. This helps us to understand how different groups experience local health and social care services and supports our focus on improving equality, diversity and inclusion. 

If you are sharing information on behalf of another person, make sure that you have their permission to do so, or the information you do share should be anonymous.

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We'd love to tell your story and keep you updated about our work and the difference sharing your experiences with us can make. 

Using your story for media

To promote our campaigns we use people's stories to show what needs to change. The media (newspapers, radio or TV) ask if we have people who can share their story when we publish a press release about our research. 

Would you be happy for us to contact you about your experience for media purposes or to use your story as a case study in our material? We won’t pass on your name and contact details to the media without speaking to you first about what it involves.

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