1. Advice and Information - 17 October 2019

    We've pulled together a number of services for parents in need of support for their mental health. Read more to find out where you can go to get the help you need.
  2. Advice and Information - 24 March 2020

    Take a look at our advice article on the organisations and groups that can support you if you’re grieving.
  3. Advice and Information - 4 May 2020

    If you are experiencing or feel at risk of domestic abuse, or are worried about someone who might be, find out where you can go for advice and help.
  4. Advice and Information - 28 July 2020

    With more and more appointments happening online, we've put together some tips on how to get the most out of the virtual health and care appointments both for patients and health and care professionals.
  5. Advice and Information - 2 September 2021

    Your mental wellness is as important as your physical health but seeking help can be daunting. Here's what to expect when you seek support for your mental health.
  6. Advice and Information - 11 January 2022

    The current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic may cause you to feel worried, anxious, or scared. Read our tips to looking after your wellbeing when self-isolating.
  7. Advice and Information - 8 April 2022

    Find out how health services are changing in response to coronavirus (COVID-19) and what that means for your care.
  8. News - 11 April 2022

    The UK Government has agreed to introduce legislation for advance statements. Because Black people experience more forced care, it is important to work with Black people to introduce advance statements in a way that works for them.
  9. Report - 1 June 2021

    Between January and March 2021, our Youth Board engaged with young people to understand their emotional wellbeing needs and how they would prefer to access support.
  10. Report - 1 October 2019

    we teamed up with our Healthwatch colleagues in Bexley and Greenwich to be part of the first ever joint Bexley, Greenwich and Lewisham Learning Disability Big Health Day. Read our report to find out what people think of mental health services.
  11. Report - 1 February 2020

    Last year, residents told us that under the NHS Long Term Plan they would like better access to trustworthy information about health and wellbeing issues. Find out what we learnt when we mystery shopped local libraries.
  12. Report - 27 March 2019

    We visited The harbour mental health crisis cafe to talk to staff and visitors about the care and service on offer. This report details our findings.
  13. Report - 31 January 2019

    Exam stress is the biggest concern for young people in Lewisham. Children and Young People’s (CYP) mental health and wellbeing is a national and local priority. Find out what people told us in our latest report.
  14. Report - 9 July 2018

  15. Report - 1 November 2017

    We delivered a workshop around the Five Ways to Wellbeing and the importance of mental health. Evidence suggests that these five steps can help to improve our mental wellbeing. Here is what we found out.
  16. Report - 30 November 2016

    We joined forces with Healthwatch Bromley to host a self care matters event to raise awareness of the importance of self care and managing health conditions. Read our report on the day.
  17. Report - 31 January 2016

    This report presents the findings that emerged through our engagement. The recommendations that are provided, were led by the young people themselves and are included to support decision making and commissioning of services for them.
  18. Report - 1 April 2022

    HWL Patient Experience Report Q3 summarising patient experience gathered that quarter.
  19. Report - 1 July 2022

    Healthwatch Lewisham Annual Report 2021-2022
  20. News - 15 July 2022

    Matthew Mckenzie presents Joint Bromley, Lewisham & Greenwich Ethnic Mental Health carers forum - Friday, 29 July 2022.
    Find event and ticket information below for more details.

    This is a forum for those caring for someone with mental illness from an ethnic background.
  21. News - 12 August 2022

    Monkeypox Virus Advice