1. Report - 30 June 2014

    In our first annual report, we talk about the privilege and challenge it has been to kickstart Healthwatch Lewisham and what we've achieved thus far.
  2. Report - 30 June 2015

    In the 2014 - 2015 report, we share our work to understand people's experiences and improve key areas of focus based on feedback from community members.
  3. Report - 30 June 2016

    In our 2015 - 2016 annual report, we celebrate our growth on social media, the work of our volunteers, and our outreach at events across Lewisham.
  4. Report - 30 June 2017

    In this report, we talk about the impact of our new Lewisham NHS Independent Advocacy Service and introduce our new digital Feedback Centre, coming 1 April 2017.
  5. Report - 30 June 2018

    This year we started our #30DaysofHealthwatch campaign and heard from 74 percent more people than last year.
  6. Report - 30 June 2019

    This year saw us tackle issues such as men and young people's mental health, complaints information and access to services.
  7. Report - 30 June 2020

    Our 2019 - 2020 Annual Report highlights our achievements as the patient voice over the last twelve months.
  8. Report - 30 June 2021

    The impact of COVID-19 and subsequent changes to health and care services means that representing the voice of local people is more important than ever.
  9. Report - 31 March 2021

    During the third COVID-19 lockdown, we heard from 1,141 people about their experiences with health and social care. Find out what they told us about local GPs, hospital, dentists and vaccination hubs by downloading our full report.
  10. Report - 10 January 2021

    During October to December 2020, we heard from 910 patients, carers, and relatives regarding their experiences with local health and social care services. This report outlines the key themes, findings and recommendations that emerged from our conversations.
  11. Report - 1 October 2020

    We heard the experiences of over 900 residents during July- September. Find out what they told us about local health and care services.
  12. Advice and Information - 11 April 2022

    The Care Act 2014 is a law that came into action in April 2015 that sets out how people’s care and support is approached by councils.
  13. Advice and Information - 12 April 2022

    The NHS in England has published a ten-year plan setting its priorities for the future.
  14. Report - 28 February 2020

    We exist to ensure that people are at the heart of care. We listen to what people like about services, and what could be improved and we share their views with those with the power to make change happen.
  15. Report - 30 July 2019

    Our latest intelligence report highlights the experiences of Lewisham residents between February and July. Find out about the views of older residents, young adults living with cancer from BME communities and much much more.
  16. Report - 31 January 2019

    Our report breaks down Lewisham residents' experiences of health and social care services. Find out what the key issues are by reading our report.
  17. Report - 30 September 2018

    Find out what patients told us about their experiences of health and social care services in Lewisham during July-September. Our report covers engagement with refugees, as well as in-depth conversations about mental health.
  18. Report - 30 June 2018

    Read our summarised intelligence report which highlights the key themes from our Accessible Information Standard Report, Healthy Eating Report, Social Care Report and much much more.
  19. Report - 31 December 2017

    In our latest intelligence report we found that patient experience of the University Hospital Lewisham (UHL) continues to be mixed. Whilst access to GP appointments remains an issue across the borough.
  20. Report - 30 September 2017

    Read what people told us about services in the last three months.
  21. Report - 30 June 2017

    Our latest intelligence report covered Lewisham residents experiences of local health and care services. Including the views of teenagers on healthy relationships and their use of sexual health services in the borough. We also heard the experiences about the discharge lounge in University Hospital Lewisham.
  22. Report - 31 December 2016

    Find out what patients told us about their experiences of health and social care services in Lewisham during October and December. Our report focuses on people's frustration with booking appointments at GP practices and waiting times at University Hospital Lewisham.
  23. Report - 30 September 2016

    Learn what 173 residents told us about local health services in the last three months.
  24. Report - 10 June 2022

    Healthwatch Lewisham is proud to be presenting the Quarter 4 Report. The report details the work we have done for the patient experience programme. This report is informative and gives great insight into the health and social care needs of the people within our community.
  25. Report - 1 July 2022

    Healthwatch Lewisham Annual Report 2021-2022
  26. News - 12 August 2022

    Monkeypox Virus Advice